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Should I Hire A Professional Or Remove Birds Myself?

This is a decision that many people who have a pigeon or other bird infestation or problem will have to make, and the correct answer will vary depending on each individual case, as no two bird issues or infestations are the same. Professional bird removal experts will often be able to deal with the problem quicker and more effectively, as well as handle complex cases requiring skilled knowledge and equipment. But on the counter side of that argument is the fact that certain bird control work is not always too difficult, and those who tackle such work can exclude pigeons or other birds successfully.

Work Required When Excluding Pigeons

There are several steps that are included in excluding pigeons, and this can be quite time consuming, so if you are short of time or experience this can make the option of hiring a professional to do this for you a better option. You will have the three stages to deal with in the exclusion work, as you will need to examine the area of the infestation to find all of the access points, then you will need to seal some of the holes and install exclusion funnels, before then completing the work with the permanent repairs.

The Health Risks And Problems With Exclusion Work

One of the things that you will need to bear in mind is that there are health risks when dealing with pigeons, and in order to protect yourself fully, you will need a breathing mask and goggles because of the diseases that can be transmitted. There is also likely to be a level of climbing up and getting into the corners of the attic or cavity where the birds have been a problem.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional

The key reason that many people will prefer to hire a professional is that it means that they don't have to worry too much about the work, and someone with experience of dealing with pigeon infestations should be able to deal with the infestation quite quickly. They will also have the knowledge of where to find the nest, and can then remove any chicks at the same time, which is often a problem for those who carry out the exclusion work themselves.

Repairs After The Exclusion

The additional benefit of hiring a professional is that they will also usually have the experience to carry out repairs to ensure that any infestation doesn't happen again. Because many homeowners won't have any building repair experience, this can be a vital point to consider too.