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To learn more about our services and prices, visit us at houstonpestanimal.com
To learn more about our services and prices, visit us at houstonpestanimal.com
To learn more about our services and prices, visit us at houstonpestanimal.com

To learn more about our services and prices, visit us at houstonpestanimal.com Houston Bird Removal Tip:

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Do Mothballs and Ammonia Help Repel Pigeons
Very many pest control officials have said that ammonia and mothballs are great pigeon repellants. However, let’s face it; very few pest control services come with ammonia tanks ready to use it against pigeons. Let us see why.
Ammonia is used as a repellant due to its bad stench that is supposed to irritate the pigeons into running away. However, it is true that ammonia does lose its bad odor within hours or days after it has been applied- depending on where it has been used. This means that you have to apply ammonia multiple times in a single week for you to completely chase away the pigeons. If that is so, then this means that it is a very tiresome process to be able to stand a chance against the pigeons.
Another assumption that is made when using ammonia as a repellant is that it will mimic the smell of a predator’s urine. While ammonia may be effective within the first few days of application, the pigeons are bound to get used to the smell. This is because they expect the smell to be a sign of the presence of a predator, but when they come for a few days and they see no predator in their habitat, then they may not get scared when you use ammonia. This lenders ammonia useless when using it as a repellant against pigeons.
Mothballs on the other hand are only used because of their bad smell. In fact, mothballs have been known to be so irritating that humans cannot stand them for a long time. However, is this true for birds? Sadly, the answer is no- the mothballs are not that irritating on birds and animals. In fact, there are many people who have used mothballs as a way of repelling pigeons but they had little or no success.
Another problem with using mothballs is their harmful effects to human health. Mothballs are known carcinogens and this can be very hazardous to your health. With these facts, it seems that mothballs are not effective as pigeon repellants and they are also very dangerous to human health. This means it is the worst choice of pigeon repellant that you could pick.
With these facts clearly laid out, it is clear that mothballs and ammonia are very lousy pigeon repellants. If you are really determined to chase away mothballs, you should try other alternative methods like electrocution, one-way funnels and also sound repellants. These methods are very effective and also safe for you and your family. If you cannot employ these safe, methods yourself, then you should consider employing professional help which with be through and very effective,
oncept is very much useful and you can use this one for driving away pigeons in a decent manner.