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How to Use One-Way Exclusion Funnels To Remove Pigeons without Trapping Them
Having large number of pigeons in your barns, poultry facilities, livestock and farm building can result to unsanitary environment as well as great damages. One thing you need to know is that pigeons or other birds can easily contaminate or consume water and food which can result to transfer of disease to poultry and livestock. The accumulated pigeon droppings can result to farm equipment corrosion and also make messy of the entire environment. Since they are in large number you will not be able to trap all of them or even if you do you will have to deal with second problem which will be what to do with pigeon after you trap it. That is why this article is about to teach you how to use one-way exclusion funnels to remove pigeons without trapping.
Identify the Pigeon’s Population
Before going on to put exclusion funnels in order to solve your pigeon infestation, it is important to find out the population of pigeons there. Watch them as they fly out of your building or barns, farm building and others. Knowing the possible population of the birds will make you to be more serious in handling the problem.
Search For the Entry and Exit Point and Block Them
Go ahead and search for the possible entry and exit point of the birds into your barns, livestock farm building and others. Your about to find out the possible means through which pigeons are getting into your property will increase the effectiveness of your exclusion funnels method. Then, make sure you block all possible entry and exit point and live only few where you will fix the one-way exclusion funnels.
Fix Exclusion Funnels on the Possible Exit Point
Then, you have to go ahead and fix the one-way exclusion funnels on the possible exit points to your property. The one-way exclusion funnels should be made in such a way that pigeons can only fly out of your house without being able to come back in. But, you must ensure you are not doing this at the peak of the breeding seasons which is mostly spring and summer. This is to avoid trapping down the babies inside which will result to serious bad odor.
Remove All the Possible Attractive Point and Seal up the Last Exit Point When They Are All Out
When you are show that the birds have all gone out without being able to come back in, allow the one-way exclusion funnels to remain for some days. Then remove it and close up the hole and ensure you clean up all the possible attracting sources to the birds.