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How to Get Pigeons Out Of the Attic
Many monuments, roofs and public buildings have been defaced with pigeon droppings. The white material known as uric acid in pigeon droppings can damage finishes on automobiles, buildings and others and it look quite unsightly. The worst of all is that pigeon droppings equally contain dangerous bacteria and fungi that can easily harm human and cause lots of diseases. Among the disease associated with pigeon droppings include: Psittacosis, Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis and others. These are why you should never allow pigeon to inhabit your attic. This article will intimate you on how to get pigeons out of the attic with ease.
Eliminate All Possible Food Sources
The truth is that pigeons can easily be attracted to your home and attic when there are lots of food sources there. In that regard, if you want to get rid of them from your attic you have to ensure that you remove all the possible food sources and they will go away to look for food elsewhere. Some of the possible pigeon food sources include: grass seeds, berries from either olive trees or pyracantha bushes and others. Also, ensure you do not put seeds on your lawn so as to avoid attracting pigeons.
Make Use Of Anti Roasting Spike to Set Up Barrier
You can easily make your attic uncomfortable to pigeon simply with anti-roosting spike strips. You can easily buy these spike strips from hardware store and it will help to get pigeons out of your attic with ease.
Make Use of Some Sticky Chemicals That Will Make It Uncomfortable For Pigeon to Perch
While pigeons are in your attic, they will always like to perch around to look for food. So, you can equally make the place uncomfortable to them using sticky chemicals around the entrance hole to your attic or the possible place they will like to perch.
Close Up the Possible Entrance to Your Attic
Just ensure you search for the possible entry points to your attic and close them up when you are sure that pigeons have all gone out to look for food. So, in order to avoid more problems you should not close up the holes at the peak of breeding seasons so as to avoid trapping the babies inside. You can use several things to close the entrances including net and others. These and more are the possible ways you can get pigeons out of your attic without passing through much stress.