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How to Get Rid of Canada Geese (discuss prevention via fences, exclusion, trapping, etc.)
There are quite a number of Canada geese control programs that can help you limit the flock growth of the animals around your property, garden, yard or farm. These include; trapping, and exclusion methods. Though, rounding up the entire flock of geese can be the fastest ways of preventing them, but this inhumane prevention method is not recommended, especially where there are existing laws protecting the birds. Husbandry or non-lethal prevention methods are quite easy to implement and they provide long term control over the animals.
Husbandry method of preventing Canada Geese involves the changing of the entire landscape to make the environment less secure for inhabitation of geese. If you have a garden or a farm, you should consider a drastic reduction in the amount of fertilizers applied around your crops to reduce the amount of nutrients in grasses, similarly, planting taller shrubs and plants around lakes, and steams will prevent or exclude geese from creating their nests around such places.
Non-lethal geese prevention methods may include the use of Visuals, audios, and physical trapping methods. The use of these methods should be carefully handled to avoid breaking local laws. You may also want to consider community acceptance of such prevention methods. You can make use of scare pistols (pistol sounding devices), air cannons, and even scarecrows to scare away the Canada geese. Though these methods should not be relied upon as long term solutions, but they work best when they are installed before the attack of the animals. Other physical methods you can use to control the proliferation of geese include; radio-controlled toys, water spray devices, and even your dogs( you need to be careful to ensure that the geese don’t get injured).
Trappings are also effective in controlling activities of geese around your properties. The use of chemical repellents such as methyl anthranilate has been found to be effective in controlling activities of geese without killing them. These repellents can be sprayed on vegetation because they produce offensive tastes and smell without causing any hazards to the plants. The use of chemical repellents may require continuous application and that means you will have to invest some money in it.
Alternatively, mechanical traps have been found to be effective in controlling a small group or colonies of Canada geese, however, these mechanical traps must be applied cautiously to avoid causing injuries on the animals. A capturing holding pen for instance is one of the best traps around. This trap usually has a hinged door that closes behind the geese once it enters. You can put a bait inside the en or trap to make it more attractive to the animal. Once the geese are trapped, it is important that you relocate them immediately.