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Will a Pigeon in the Attic Have a Next of Babies?
Pigeons have many species and there are some of the species that love to live in human inhabitation like buildings, attic, barns and others. Such pigeon species can easily built it nest during the breeding season why it will lay eggs and bring up the babies. So, if you have a pigeon in your attic you should always be mindful of the season of the year when you want to remove it using any method so as to avoid having the babies trapped inside which will result to more difficult condition when they carcasses will begin to smell.
Things You Must Do When You Find Pigeon Nest Of Babies in Attic
Though pigeon can breed round the year with two eggs at a time there breeding season is always at its peak by spring and summer. So, you must know the time of the year to guess whether the pigeons should already have nest of babies in your attic or not. If you discover that they have nest of babies there make sure you do not disturb or touch the babies to avoid the parents abandoning them.
Make Sure You Do Not Relocate the Babies from Your Attic
Some people may suggest relocating the nest of babies so pigeon can go away from your attic. But that is a bad idea as the parents may not find the babies or may not even be able to recognize then again. In that regard, you should not think of relocating the babies when you want to deal with pigeon infestation in your attic.
Time the Breeding Season to Know When the Babies Will Be Ready To Fly
You must be ready to time the breeding season and the days the babies will be ready to fly away with the parent so as to close down the entrance point to your attic. Normally the baby pigeons will be ready to fly away with the parents within 35 days from the day the egg hatched.
Use Exclusion Funnels to Get Pigeons Out Of Your Attic
When the babies are all grown up and ready to fly in and out of your attic, you have to use one way exclusion funnels to exclude them from your attic permanently. The funnels will give them way to fly out without being able to come back into the attic again.