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Welcome to Bird Removal of Elizabeth! We specialize in the humane and effective resolution of human/bird conflicts in the Elizabeth metro region, and throughout New Jersey. Whether you have a single bird in a building, or need to prevent pigeon roosting (and bird droppings) on a large architectural project, we can solve your Elizabeth bird problem effectively and professionally. We install exclusion materials to keep birds away, and even provide pigeon trapping as a means of Elizabeth bird removal. We are not a pest control company, but rather wildlife, bat, and bird specialists only. Click on our Elizabeth Prices page to find out more about our prices for bird control work. You can also read the topics addressed on this website to learn more about how to resolve your specific bird conflict. We look forward to hearing from you.

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For bird control and general wildlife removal, visit the www.MORRISCOUNTYWILDLIFE.COM website.

What property modifications will keep down pigeon populations?

Do you know that you can modify your property just to constrain the populace of the pigeons around your property? To be able to keep the populace of the pigeons from your property, there are certain things that you should do. These creatures can easily multiply and their numbers can increase the damage to your property and lessen the rates of the damages. Most importantly, modifying your property can actually help in preventing them from roosting. Some of the best ways to modify your property are as follows:

Spikes to prevent pigeons from roosting

The anti-roosting spikes can be attached to just any part of the house, most of the places where pigeons are roosting, like the roof, window intel and even chimney tops are prone to bird roosting. Be sure that you attach the spikes as instructed on the package, they have sharp edges that will prevent the pigeons from landing on your roof and edges of the house. You can put them on the rails and they will feel uncomfortable to play and rest there. Surely they will go away.

Sticky substances on your roof 

The use of sticky substances on the roof like the sprays can make the property surfaces like the roofs will be uncomfortable for the pigeons to land. The sprays have glue substances and that will stick to their feet every time they will land on it. You can get these from an animal control center.

Tied and weather proof strings 

When you have discovered the places where the pigeons are landing or nesting, be sure that you tie the strings made up of metals in places that there will be no space for them to land. Their landing area will be limited and they will eventually go away.

Cut the tree branches 

The pigeons can also use the tree branches to gain access to your property. Most of them come in your place through the tree branches going to the roof. Because of this, it is essential to cut down the tree branches and prevent the pigeons from having enough access to your home. Be sure that all of the drainages do not have water and the wastes will discourage the pigeons from nesting there.

Use curtains 

The doors and the windows usually give space for the pigeons to gain an access to the inner part of the property, so be sure that the vents in the attic are well screened to prevent the pigeons from coming inside it. You also need to be sure that the hardware cloth along with the silicone caulk netting will seal up the edges of the property so there will never be enough space for the birds to come in.