Bird Removal Services

We provide a full range of bird control services to resolve any conflict between people and birds. This includes the installation of preventative and exclusion products, such as needle strips, netting, and shock track, to prevent unwanted birds from roosting on your building, signage, beams or more. We perform structural repairs to keep birds out of buildings and other architectural features. We can prevent birds from roosting on roofs, trees, boat docks, and more. We provide bird trapping and population control in some cases. We can prevent Canada Geese from inhabiting a property, Woodpeckers from pecking holes in a house, keep swifts out of the chimney, or swallows out of a barn. We remove unwanted birds from inside buildings such as warehouses, grocery stores, airports, office or retail spaces. We provide bird dropping cleanup and sanitation services, and more. Click on our Locations page to find professional help in your city or town.

Past Bird Control Advice Articles