About Us

We are a nationwide service, a collaborative effort between over 100 different wildlife control specialist companies, servicing over 150 major US cities and regions. Every member of Bird-Removal.com specializes in wildlife control only, with expertise in bird control methods. We regularly attend training seminars and industry conventions, to keep up-to-date on the latest bird control techniques and equipment. Many of us work in close relationships with the top bird control product manufacturers and suppliers. We are confident that we can resolve any bird conflict you may have, both in residential and commercial settings.

Call 24/7 to discuss your bird problem.

Same-day or next-day appointments.

Thorough inspection of your property.

Written estimates for bird project.

All branches fully licensed and insured.

PROFESSIONAL BIRD CONTROL: Our professionals are fully licensed and insured in their state of operation, and ready to listen to your bird control concerns. As professional organizations, we are all available, by phone, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our group maintain an active community of communication and attend seminars and training courses to ensure the best practices, use of the latest bird control materials, and ensure up-to-date training. We provide both residential and commercial services, including bird control in large structures such as parking garages, warehouses, and of course on architectural ledges, signage, and more. We commonly remove unwanted birds that have accidentally entered buildings and areas where they constitute a public health hazard, such as grocery stores. We handle several bird species, including feral pigeons, Starlings, House Sparrows, Woodpeckers, and we also provide Canada Goose control, while adhering to state, local, and federal laws, such as the Federal Migratory Bird Protection act.

How to Find a Good Professional to Solve Your Bird Problem

Unfortunately, finding a good professional to solve your bird problem can be a daunting undertaking. You will be bombarded with a variety of options each touting to be the best option for you. Most service providers are thoroughly professional and capable of solving your bird problem within a short timeframe. However, it is critical that you choose a good and reputable bird control company for your help. As you will soon realize, every company will claim that they are adequately experienced and equipped with the necessary skills to deal with your bird problem. You should never be swayed by these claims. Instead, do a thorough research to identify a good professional to solve your bird problem. This guide is designed to help make your search less hectic.

Research Online

The 21st century is a digital age and it is easy to gather information about any services you are interested in. Long gone are the days when hard effort was needed to get this information. Today, with a few clicks on the internet, you will easily find any information about bird control companies including their fee, location, availability, and experience.

Gather more information about the services

After running a general search online, narrow down your search for your location. You will notice that most services feature several distinct facilities. Go through each one of them and make a list of the top three services judging by their reputation, experience, and skills. Keep an eye on the customer reviewers to identify the positive and negative aspects of each particular service.

Seek recommendations from friends

If you are new in a city, it is probably better to seek recommendations from friends and relatives. They are likely to have firsthand experience with the services and can, therefore, share crucial information with you. In fact, these recommendations are more helpful than the online search. Take the contact detail of the service providers and contact them for more information regarding their services.

With the steps discussed above, you can easily collect more information about some of the leading and reputable bird control service providers within your location. However, you should not hire immediately based on the internet research findings alone. You need to physically visit the service provider to know more about the services offered. This meeting is important to help you rate the reliability of the services and if the suggested working procedure is safe or not. Consider asking the service provider the following questions before hiring their services:

Ask about their services

Ask the service provider how long they have been in the profession. Keep in mind that experience is a crucial factor that defines good and reliable services. If a company is highly reputable, then you can expect top-notch quality services from them. Go for a company that is specifically made for bird control.

Licensed and insured services

It is highly recommended that you hire a licensed and insured bird control service provider. Among the benefits of hiring an insured company includes the fact that they have the required skills for the job and you can trust their working procedure. In addition, insured companies are liable for any damages that may occur during the working process.

Inquire about their rates

You need to consult more than two service providers for a better deal. Incur about their procedures and the facilities they offer.  Some of these companies are likely to discounts on different occasions. It is important that you ask more about their payment methods as well as when they would expect to receive the payment.

Get a timeframe:

Ask the service provider to give a timeframe and make sure that they can accomplish the task in time. Accompany them during the project to make sure that all procedures used are safe. Do not forget to check the company’s reputation for knowing whether it meets your demands or not. It is also important that you ask about their previous projects and finds out more about their reputation.

By sticking to these steps and consulting several services, you should hire a good professional who meets your requirements and capable of accomplishing the task on time.