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Welcome to Bird Removal of Allentown! We specialize in the humane and effective resolution of human/bird conflicts in the Allentown metro region, and throughout Pennsylvania. Whether you have a single bird in a building, or need to prevent pigeon roosting (and bird droppings) on a large architectural project, we can solve your Allentown bird problem effectively and professionally. We install exclusion materials to keep birds away, and even provide pigeon trapping as a means of Allentown bird removal. We are not a pest control company, but rather wildlife, bat, and bird specialists only. Click on our Allentown Prices page to find out more about our prices for bird control work. You can also read the topics addressed on this website to learn more about how to resolve your specific bird conflict. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Allentown Bird Removal Tip:

Removal of birds in a large store or warehouse
It is not uncommon for birds to get stuck in a ware house or large store because of different reasons. It has been noticed that sometimes birds accidently enter into a building, but find it difficult to get out or simply they can get stuck in there. Those who deal with the issues of bird control have to be extremely careful while defining their strategies. There are different techniques which can be used for getting rid of bird, but keep in mind one point that it is more dependent upon your preferences that what kind of treatment you actually want to give to the bird. You can either catch it or can also chase it out. Bird in your warehouse or store can be nuisance creating a lot of trouble and bring a lot of offence. When a bird will get stuck in your house it will not only be offending for you, but also for the bird so the best approach is to stay calm and composed. Things will get more disturbing if you have a cat present in your house because it likes chasing things and this will further disturb the bird. We suggest that you should keep in mind all these aspects before reaching a conclusion.
Birds present in store create different kinds of issues and problems as they will hang around for finding food as well as nesting options. After sometime even birds start to feel comfortable inside store and it will further enhance you problems. Therefore, it is better to take proper steps for ensuring safe and timely removal of birds from your property.
• You can start by turning off the light so that it can get dark. Leave one window open so that bird can fly away from it.
• In case after turning off lights is fails to produce any sort of convincing results, then again you will have to use a large sheet for steering bird. Start by holding sheet in your hands and raise arms. Direct the bird towards window using sheet and be careful not to be rough because you can injure it.
• You should avoid hitting the bird with towel or broom because these organisms are extremely sensitive towards pressure and can even die under stress. You have to manage thing is a calm fashion and don’t panic.
If you feel that everything has been tried, but still you are not successful in getting rid of birds, then it’s high time to realize that professionals only have the potential of coming to your rescue. Get in touch with relevant control organization. They will visit your property and after proper inspection birds will be directed outside using decent techniques and ways.