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What to Do With Pigeon in the Chimney
Having pigeon in your chimney can be difficult to deal with mostly when you do not want the pigeon to die. By resting or roosting on top of your chimney pigeon may decide to wander inside and move to the fireplace where it will find it difficult flying out. Maybe you have had such encounter with pigeon and you are thinking on what to do, you are not to bother as this article is about to provide you with the information you need.
Find Out the Possible Of the Pigeon in the Chimney
The first thing you need to do while dealing with pigeon inside the chimney is to look right inside the fireplace to locate the possible position of the pigeon. You can go ahead and open the fireplace damper if you discover that the bird is right in the fireplace instead of in the chimney. After doing that you can then follow the second tip.
Help the Pigeon to Come Out Of the Chimney with Large Box
Just use a large box with opening on the side up right inside the fireplace. Make sure you prop the box up on the fireplace grate or you can equally use another box if you want. This is to ensure you have only an inch opening between the top of the fireplace and the box. Now you can pull the box out gently and ensure the flashlight is turned while you set the light in the box. Then push the box back into the fireplace. Buy this time the pigeon will notice the box.
Allow the Pigeon to Get Into the Box by Silencing the Entire Place
Make sure you maintain absolute silence and remove all possible external noise in your room. That means you have to put off your music, TV and stop every conversational voices. Then, remain in the silence until pigeon get into the box. Then you can slide sheet over the box opening gently and remove the box from fireplace gently.
Allow the Pigeon to Fly Out Through the Door or Window
If the pigeon has migrated from the chimney to the fireplace, you can just close down all the possible doors and windows that lead to another room. Then you can open only one window or any of your doors that lead to outdoor. The bird will follow the only possible exit to fly away.