How to get rid of birds in trees

There are numerous reasons for you to feel annoyed with birds in trees in front of your window. Whether they are waking you up way too early in the morning, or disturbing clients and customers in your commercial building, constant tweeting may not be as adorable as one might think. Considering that killing birds in your property is not only considered cruel, but could also be illegal, it is more than justified for you to seek humane ways to keep unwanted tweeters away. Luckily, there is more than enough effective methods for removing birds from trees for you to choose from. All of these methods include the use of tools that will either scare the birds away, or keep them from landing on tree branches without harm.

Methods of bird deterring include so called „Eye" balloons ( printed balloons that fool birds into thinking there is a predator in the tree, bird netting and spikes, hanging shiny objects that reflect light, as well as electronic noise boxes. Additionally, a lot of people found that placing predator (animal) - like plastic or rubber objects will also scare the birds away. Considering that you probably don’t want to ruin the landscape of your property by using all of these at the same time, which would make your trees look pretty much ridiculous, the good news is that you can choose the method you find most effective and most appropriate for your property.

One of the most popular methods home owners find to be effective includes re-purposing your old CD’s. If there are any albums in your home that you are no longer interested in, and you are experiencing problems with annoying birds at the same, you can hang your old CD’s on the branches. They will reflect plenty of light, which will scare the birds away. If, however, you don’t find this method to be effective, or you simply don’t like it, there are plenty other methods to choose from. Another method you can try is using printed balloons.

Printed, so called “eye balloons” have designs that resemble eyes or contain images of other birds and wild animals. These balloons are quite affordable, and you can find plenty designs and pick those you either like best or think would be most effective. Printed balloons include images of eyes, cats, owls, sneaks, and many other animals that scare the birds. The way in which these balloons work is by tricking the bird into believing that there is another living creature in the tree, be it a person or an animal. However, you can’t find this method to be a final solution to your problems. Pigeons are usually not affected with this method, so it will not work in case you have a pigeon problem.

If you don’t find previous methods to be effective, you can always use bird netting. Bird net is going to prevent the birds from landing on the tree branches. Nets are usually made out of wire mesh that is sirdy enough to endure chewing and clawing from animals and critters attempting to create a hole inside of them and get through. In addition to protecting your trees from birds, netting will also protect them and your property from other animals.

One of the most effective tools in keeping birds away from many different spaces are bird spikes. Bird spikes are, essentially, installations produced out of steel or plastic hat are long and point. These also don’t allow the birds to access a certain area. You can purchase bird spikes in the majority of stores that sell garden supplies. Spikes are also not dangerous for birds. Since birds will not be able to land on them, they will avoid the spot eventually lose interest in roosting there. However, one problem you can expect from using spikes is that the birds will also dump feces on them. If this happens frequently, the feces will pile up and you are going to have to either clean it regularly, or replace the spikes each time this happens.

Another option for you to use are the electronic boxes. These boxes are designed to emit either other species bird calls or predator calls. Home owners have found these boxes to be more effective than false predators as well. While false predators scare the birds away because they resemble an animal that poses a threat to birds, electronic boxes are more effective because they allow the bird to hear the predator call, without actually seeing it. This will scare the bird more than actually seeing an animal. You can find electronic boxes that emit sounds of cats, dogs, owls, as well as other feral animals. However, a downside of using electronic boxes is that they might be as uncomfortable and unpleasant to hear as actual birds. This makes them somewhat inappropriate for industrial and commercial buildings, as well as quiet neighborhoods. This, however, doesn’t make them less effective and appropriate for more solitary areas and spaces, like large gardens and back yards that are not visited by people frequently.

One of the first things you could try when trying to get rid of nuisance birds in trees is to hang foil or holographic strips in the worst affected areas. On sunny days, light reflects off the strips, which the birds do not like. When the strips flow in the breeze, the light moves, which the birds don’t like. The strips work the same way as scarecrows, just with a little extra oomph.

Noise devices can work to target birds in trees, too. You. Might want to check with your neighbours before you install some of the devices. High-pitched sound devices are said not to be heard by human ears, but they often are. Other examples of noise disturbances for birds include bird distress calls, using a radio, and even banging saucepans together! 

If you have time, you could shake the tree. This will definitely disperse birds. You will need to perform whatever action you take until the flock has learned not to visit your property. If you decide upon tree shaking, you’ll probably end up running in and outside many times throughout the door. 

Water sprinkler systems or high-pressure hose pipes, bird repellent gels and granules, and even homemade remedies containing chilli peppers and white vinegar can be used. The more methods you combine, the better luck you will have.