How much does professional bird removal cost?

The short answer is that prices vary a great deal, depending on the specific work you want done. That said, here are some examples:
Removal of a single bird stuck in a residential home: $200
Removal of a nest of birds in an attic, with repairs: $500
Removal of a single bird flying in a grocery store: $700
Removal of a hawk flying in a warehouse: $900
Installation of 100 feet of bird spikes on a building sign: $1000
Installation of exclusion netting to keep birds from entering gas station roof: $2000
click here to get a free price estimate in your town - It's silly to try to list exact prices on a website, when there are so many variables. That said, a job involving the installation of deterrents such as netting, needle strips, shock track, etc, to keep birds from roosting all or part of a building, can be expensive. It is serious work. Factors such as the size of the building, the height off the ground, the complexity of the architecture, will all affect the price. The best way to get a good idea of the cost of bird removal in your specific situation is to call us and explain your situation. Oftentimes we can give a rough phone estimate, but often we need to inspect the building to give a precise price quote.

When you discover that birds have taken over your yard or moved into your attic, you will look for the quickest and most efficient means of ridding yourself of the infestation. Although there are many do it yourself methods, or commercially available gadgets designed to run birds off, they are not foolproof. If you are looking for a way to be rid of birds, without lifting a finger, and have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you made the right decision, you should probably call a professional bird removal service. One of the first questions asked when considering a service is;”how much will this cost me?” The cost to get rid of birds (exclusion) depends on several variables; the size of the structure and how much area is are populated by birds. What services do you actually require? How much time/ work will it take? What species of bird are you dealing with? How big is the problem (number of birds)?

The price can range from $300-$1,000 for a full-blown bird removal job. If a full exclusion is to be performed in a large (over 3 stories) building, then the price will be much higher because o the amount of work increases with the area to be cleared. Often On large buildings there is a large amount of sealant work that needs to be done assure that the birds are excluded permanently. In cases like this, prices can range anywhere from $4000-$15000. This, of course, depends on the severity of the bird problem.

If you are a homeowner with a common bird problem, or you simply have a solitary bird flying around in an indoor space, not to worry, these companies will treat you fairly.

If that job is not going to be as costly an Endeavour as removing a flock, it will probably only be a few hundred dollars. But again, different variables can affect the difficulty of the job, thereby affecting the cost.

Birds often access a vent in order to gain entry to an attic space. If that is the case, you can apply exclusion netting that will allow the birds to exit the attic unharmed, but when they return they will be unable to re-enter the space. Occasionally, they will make a nest in the actual vent itself. Removing a bird and nest from a vent pipe is not hard, but it is time consuming, and requires special tools. . Birds will often be found building a nest in a dryer vent to lay their eggs and hatch their younglings. In many cases baby birds need to be removed by hand and relocation attempted. If birds are infesting a vent, exclusion can cost $100-$300.

If you have a problem with a flock of pigeons roosting on your buildings, the job is most often priced out then itemized according to the buildings linear or square footage. This will determine the amount it will cost to install pigeon deterrent hardware, like needle strips, sticky bars, or shock track. Your eradication plan could include cost of netting, pigeon traps, ammunition (for shooting) if killing them is an option, costs of removal of live birds or bodies, and cleanup costs. As eradication costs go, pigeon removal and prevention is a fairly expensive job. It can often cost upwards of several thousand dollars.

Are you having a problem with Canadian Geese? There are a number of effective ways to get rid of them, and removal costs vary as well. Some of the e many methods for Canadian goose control are listed here. A program of egg removal or replacement (addling), using dogs to chase them, pyrotechnics and fireworks, goose trapping and relocation, and more. The size of your property, aquatic square feet, the size of the flock of geese, whether there are eggs or hatchlings in the nest, all make a difference when it comes to pricing a Goose job.

Almost everyone can recognize the distinctive sound of a woodpecker digging in a tree fro larvae or drumming out a mating song in hopes of getting lucky. What if your precious trees are suffering the ravages of a drumming woodpecker? How about when that woodpecker starts in on your houses eaves or trim? How much does woodpecker removal cost? Simple eradication can be around 100.00 for one bird. If it is a family, there is a little more involved than simple eradication. Again, as with all the bird exclusion jobs, the size of the space to be cleared directly affects the price charged for the job. In most cases, charges of a few hundred dollars will pay for a proper netting of your house to discourage the birds and to successfully relocate a woodpecker family.

Sometimes the actual cost of a service or item cannot be compared to the peace of mind it brings the consumer. Any price might be worth it to be rid of your unwanted feathered tenants.

The cost of your bird removal job will very much depend on the kind and size of job it is. Removing one single pigeon is an easier task (usually) than dealing with an entire flock, and certain species of birds, such as Canada geese, are notoriously difficult to get rid of. Not only that, federal law protects a large number of birds, which means that removal and relocation possibilities are limited. 

If you were to have one bird that has somehow found itself in your living room, you could expect to pay around $150-$300 for humane capture and removal, as well as rehabilitation or legal alternatives. 

These prices sometimes include some cleanup work, minor repairs and restorations, and an inspection to look for other problematic areas, such as entry points. 

A much larger job, as you might expect, will come with a much bigger price tag. You might need to pay upwards of $1,000 for full netting to be installed in a large building, such as a warehouse or factory. 

The removal of a much more difficult bird will come with a much bigger price tag, too. If you were to have an eagle, hawk or other bird of prey flying around in your warehouse, you could expect to pay $700 or more to ensure the safest and most humane method of removal. 

The best way to get an idea of how much your bird removal job will cost is to call the professionals. You will often be given a ballpark quote over the phone, with a full quote available following a property inspection.