How To Keep Seagulls Off Of A Boat Or Dock

If you keep your boat at a marina or have a private dock on a lake or river, it can be quite discouraging to be ready for a nice day on the water only to find bird poop spattered on the seats of the boat, or on the floor or other parts of the boat. This is particularly a problem if you live near the ocean where seagulls thrive. Seagulls aren’t limited to oceanfront areas, either. They can be found inland at least 300-400 miles from the nearest beach. There are some things you can do, however, to cut back on or eliminate completely the problem of seagulls messing up your boat.

What follows are all ideas that a lot of people have tried over the years. Some are found to be quite successful. Others may work for a few days until the seagulls become accustomed and lose their fear. Check out the variety of scare tactics discussed here, and then see what works best for you.

Use Fake Owls Or Streamers
Plastic or inflatable owls may work for a few days, but the gulls will soon figure out that the owl isn’t a threat. However, if you tie the owls to a fishing line strung on your boat and let them flap in the breeze, they could work much longer and better than a stationary owl will. Try tying streamers of Mylar ribbon to various parts of your boat where the breeze will catch them and set them in motion.

Let Pennants Flap
Some people have had great success with the colored pennant strands that car dealerships make good use of. If need be, secure lengths of PVC pipe inside the boat and tie the pennant strands to them. Be sure that you place some of the pennant string close to the roosting area of the boat. Not only will the flapping of the pennants frighten the birds, but tying it near the roosting area prevents the gulls from having a good take-off area. You can also drape the boat with fishing net. Done correctly, it will withstand the coastal winds. Electronic Options
A nearby garden supply store may have a motion-activated rain bird. Set that up on your boat and when a gull flies too close, it will get a shower. It may also accidentally soak another boater. If all else fails, try an electric fence charger and hook it up. A good barking watchdog can help also.

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