How To Get Rid Of Birds On Porch

If you have birds on your porch, you most likely want them gone as soon as possible. After all, they can leave behind droppings and nesting materials or simply get in the way, making it impossible for you to relax and sit outside on the porch. When you are dealing with birds on your porch, try out these methods to get rid of them.

Get Rid Of Shelter
In most cases that a bird chooses to take up residence on your porch or spend a lot of time there, it is because the area provides them with shelter or a nice resting spot. If you keep a stack of firewood on your porch or have something else that they could use as a nest, move it somewhere else and keep it covered. If there are small openings in the walls that the birds can use as shelter, fill these spots. You can use copper scouring pads as a temporary solution until you get the chance to properly repair them.

Another key area of your porch that birds may be attracted to is the light fixtures. This is a common spot for birds to build a nest or simply rest. You can make both of these things impossible with some simple steps. Try putting something rough or bumpy on the top of the light fixture since a bird needs flat surfaces to build the nest. You could even install bird spikes there, as these make it impossible for the animals to land.

Use Bird Netting
Once the birds are off your porch, you can install bird netting to the eves surrounding it. This netting will make it much more challenging for the birds to fly in, strongly discouraging them from returning.

Distract Them With A Birdfeeder
Some people are okay with having birds on their property, but don’t want them on their porch. If this applies in your situation, then set up a birdfeeder or even a birdhouse in a far corner of your lawn, far away from the porch. This will encourage the birds on the porch to move by the feeder.

Hire A Professional
For the most effective and quickest results when getting rid of birds on your porch, hire a professional. They will already have the necessary supplies to move the birds and their expertise will provide helpful insight. A wildlife removal professional will not only be able to get rid of the birds for you in a humane fashion, but also give you advice to keep them away.

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