How To Get Rid Of Birds Nesting In Eaves

Bird nests are never a good thing to find on your home, since the presence of birds can cause damage to your property. Unfortunately, depending on the species of bird in question and where exactly you live, the nest will be protected by law, as are the birds themselves. This means you may have to wait until the babies hatch and grow to remove them.

Ensure There Aren’t Babies
Before you take steps to get rid of bird nests in your eaves, always ensure that there aren’t any baby birds or eggs within the nest. Even if the species in question is not legally protected, it is inhumane to remove the nest when babies or eggs are present.

Clean The Eaves
Start off by cleaning the eaves. If you already evicted birds or they flew away, start by clearing away the nest and other materials. Remember that access to nesting materials will encourage birds to return or new ones to take their place.

Install Netting
The most popular method of keeping birds out of your eaves is to install bird netting. This is designed to prevent access to this area of your roof so the birds can’t even get there. You can attach the netting at a 45-degree angle yourself or hire a professional to do so for you. An alternative to netting is a small wood panel, which should be placed at the same angle. Many homeowners prefer netting because it is not necessarily visible from the ground, while a wood panel is.

Use Bird Spikes
Another popular and highly effective option is to invest in some bird spikes. These can be stainless steel wire or something else similar. You attach them to the area the birds tend to go, such as the eaves, and they will stop the birds from nesting and even landing. After all, the spikes would hurt the birds if they land, and they know this so will avoid them.

Get Professional Help
If you can’t get rid of the birds or don’t want to climb up to your roof for safety reasons, a professional can take care of the issue for you. As a bonus, they are able to quickly identify the type of bird and will know whether or not it is protected and if babies or eggs are present. After removing the birds, they can suggest which methods will work best for your location and building structure, and install your chosen intervention system.

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