How to kill a woodpecker

Woodpeckers are extremely interesting birds that exhibit a wide range of behaviors and characteristics. People get attracted towards them because of their behavior, but a significant point that one should be worried about is that these creatures often turn pests and annoy humans to a great degree. If things get out of control woodpeckers start to inflict serious damage, which should be controlled otherwise many problems will arise. May be this is the reason that many seek to gain information about lethal activities that can kill the bird and solve the problem once and for all. Woodpeckers have the desire to peck present in their nature because of this reason they peck through the branches of trees and make prominent holes in the trucks and these activities sometimes introduce a very high degree of damage taking life from tree.

This is something which is responsible for causing serious kinds of troubles for main forest industry because pecks are good for degrading wood’s value. Telephones as well as the hydro poles get damaged by the activity of woodpeckers and requirements related with replacement will be imposed. This is not it, in many cases sides of houses are also drilled and these are good for destroying integrity of not only house, but also other different kinds of products and handsome amount of money is then spend on repairs. Not only this, many find the continuous sound of drilling as extremely annoying.
In simple words over activity of woodpeckers is never regarded as an ideal practice so it is best that timely steps should be taken for getting a better control over the entire situation. If woodpeckers are getting resistant and inflict serious damage on property, then go behind rapid removal methods. Any kind of delay is not going to bring benefits in fact you will witness more harms.
In case, you are interested in learning about methods that can kill woodpeckers then below mentioned information can prove to be useful.
• Shooting: A good shot is considered as enough for killing woodpecker, but this is not a legal practice as many states have strict laws which don’t allow killing of birds.
• Poisoning: Poisoning is a practice, which is considered as good for killing a large number of birds in a limited time, but it is also an activity, which is known for exposing the bird to great pain and harm. There are different kinds of woodpecker poisons available in market like Strychnine or cholecalciferol. However, you will again have to check the laws, which govern these practices because using poisons is also not a legal act in many states.
• Snap trap: In this category all specialized traps fall which have the capability of instantly killing the bird. Commonly a bird house is used that has mouse trap present in it and it kills woodpeckers instantly. In addition to this, many other different types of traps are also present, which kill the bird as soon as it touches them.
Finding the nest of woodpecker is always going to help you because you can eventually follow the path and kill the woodpecker. However, killing the bird can never be termed as a humane approach because being a living being you can never regard killing of another living thing as legal. It is best that you must arrangements that should not allow the bird to invade even if it is successful in entering the property you still can manage things without actually killing the bird. There are live traps which can capture the bird alive without exposing it to harm, but it’s not going to work if you have plans of relocation because birds have very sharp memories so eventually they are going to come back. You can give the trapped bird to wildlife control as they can provide better treatment to birds.
Before you make the decision of going ahead with any of the woodpecker removal method it is strongly advised to check state laws, which govern these practices. Keep in mind that relevant authorities have introduced strict laws, which forbid the act of bringing harm to birds. You can capture the woodpecker, but again as far as trapping is concerned one needs to comply with details of legal issues. If the case is that you don’t want to continue trapping because its ineffective or doesn’t provides any kind of results, then local authorities or pest control companies can be contacted for this. Experts are always in a better position of dealing with and handling the situation. You can take suggestions from people who are professional or have adequate knowledge. For finding effective solution to the problem you need to understand the behavior and habits of the birds. Especially woodpeckers exhibit a diverse range of characters so they can only be given proper treatment once you will be aware the bird’s behavior.
Regardless of all this, if you want to solve the problem by killing woodpecker, then follow any one of the above mentioned methods. Shooting in all cases is the most effective strategy and if you have a good aim then it can solve the problem for good.