Removal of birds from soffit or eaves

Birds in soffits or eaves are a frequent problem in houses that were built over the last few decades. The reason why birds roost in soffits more often than ever is the manufacturing of houses, which allow the birds to take advantage of splits and cracks in the wood. There are multiple types of birds that might roost in soffits. These include sparrows, starlings and many other types of birds that will use cracks in the soffit material to build nests. Depending on the species, these birds are possible to hatch multiple sets of birds that will spread parasites inside your house. Once your house becomes infected with parasites, it is going to be hard to clear out the infestation. During this time, the health of anyone in the residence might be at risk. This is the reason why you should know how to get rid of birds in soffit timely.

The types of birds that roost in soffits include sparrows and starlings, which build small nests. These types of nests can easily fit into small cracks in a soffit. Once the eggs hatch, it is very likely that the infestation will spread to attic and inside of the walls as well. This is dangerous for many reasons. Birds in the attic not only carry health risks, but they can also damage the materials and the infrastructure of the house. The parasites they carry can over time damage attics and walls, causing the amount of damage that might be very expensive to repair. In fact, birds are capable of wrecking abandoned houses to the point of them tearing down. Even though nests in different spots of the house might be interesting to watch, they carry a lot of hidden dangers when it comes to the safety of the residence. This is why knowing proper techniques and methods to removing bird nests from soffits is so important. By following only a few simple tips, you will be able to not only remove any bird nests in your home in a safe way, but to also secure your home from any future bird infestations.

Before you begin to remove bird nests from eaves, you should know several important steps to take. First things first, you should wait until the nest is empty. It is quite inhumane, and even illegal in some areas, to knock down nests with baby birds still in them. First, inspect the nest to see the size of the bird infestation. Pay attention to the size of the nest, and inspect your attic as well to see if any birds or bird feces is present there. To successfully remove a bird's nest, you are going to need some type of a long stick to knock the nest down. You will also need some equipment in order to protect your health. You should use gloves to make sure you don't get in contact with any bird feces. Also, you should protect yourself with a mask, so that you don't inhale any bird feces either. The process is simple. First, you should knock the nest down, after which you should thoroughly clean up the area. After you remove all the remaining nest material, you should disinfect the area against parasites. You can purchase proper chemicals for that in any store that specializes in home and gardening supplies. Disinfecting for parasites is an important step to take, because they might proceed to spread across you home.

After you've removed the nest from your soffit, your next step should be to adapt the building in order to deter birds from soffits. You can already assume that birds have used some small cracks and gaps in the infrastructure of the building to create a nest. With proper repairs, you should be able to seal any holes or gaps you found while inspecting your home. You should also repair any spots that are rusted or rotten, to prevent the materials from decaying any further. After all the necessary repairs have been made, you should assume some caution measures to prevent birds from reaching these spots again. Depending on the area, you should install either bird nets or bird spikes, to prevent birds from roosting there again. If you have taken all these actions, it should mean that your house is protected from any bird invasions.

There are, however, some legal obstacles to removing birds from soffits you may encounter. If the species that had nested is protected by law and in danger from extinction, you are probably not going to be able to remove the nest for a certain amount of time. If you find yourself in this situation, it would be the best to consult an expert to help you handle the situation during the time you are waiting. An expert should help you protect your home against infectious diseases during the time you are unable to remove the nest. However, the best solution for you to avoid bird infestations is to perform all necessary repairs, install bird netting and bird spikes where needed and inspect your home regularly for any damage that might need repair.