How to remove and clean pigeon feces from concrete

Pigeons are one of the most commonly found birds, especially in urban settings where a lot of people are located. If you have been to a large city in the United States, then you know exactly what is being talked about here.

Pigeons will congregate in large numbers together and this can lead some serious issues wherever they are. They defecate quite extensively wherever they are, and this can leave a whole lot of pigeon poop everywhere they are. This is not only a filthy mess that they leave behind but the feces can leave a terrible stain the concrete. This is not only hard to cleanup but is also quite difficult to get the stains out, so what do you do to get out these stains?

This is a good question, but there are a few methods you can use that will help you to get rid of the pigeon feces safely, while also getting rid of the stains. It will just take a little work on your part.

To get started, gather some liquid dish soap, a scrub brush, saw dust, a broom and dust pan, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide. What you want to do is to simply hose off the surface first. You want to wash away as much of the droppings as you possibly can.

Once it is rinsed off, you want to pour the dish detergent over the affected area until it covers it. Using the scrub brush you want to scrub the area where the poop was. This will loosen a lot of the area and will remove a lot of the stained material from the concrete surface.

Most people will tell you that you should then wash away the detergent, but that is not the best solution. Instead, you should pour the sawdust onto the detergent. This will absorb the poop stain a whole lot better than simply rinsing it off would do. Now leave the saw dust mixture sitting for about 20 minutes. After that, take the broom and sweep the saw dust into dust pan.

This should have handled your problem, but if not then there is a few other things you can do. Mix the hydrogen peroxide with a small amount of ammonia. Poor this on the stained area and let it sit for a few minutes to let the chemical process begin. You should begin to see it loosen up, but it is good to take the brush and scrub the area. Let it sit for about 30 minutes, and the pour the saw dust onto this area. About 30 minutes later sweep it up and you should see it is all better.

These two methods are 99.9 percent likely to do the job for you. For more bird control topics, go back to the bird removal home page.

Pigeon feces, and bird poop in general is very unsightly. If you are trying to sell your house, the sight of this will depreciate it and it can even be bad for your health. Getting rid of it, however, is well known to be a difficult venture. 

You should know that there are health conditions associated with the feces of birds, including lung disease from inhaling histoplasmosis spores. It is thoroughly recommended that you wear face masks and other protective gear when performing the cleanup, and also to properly sanitize or dispose of the things you wear, items you use, etc. 

A jet water spray can help to lift up even the most baked-in bird poop, but it is recommended that you use some sort of anti-fungal and/or antibacterial cleaners beforehand. You will not want to risk the disease-causing spores drying out and floating around your backyard, especially if you have kids, pets, or people with poor immune systems living in your home. 

A wire brush can help if a little elbow-grease is needed to get the stains moving, and as well as a biological enzyme cleaner, you could also consider using a little dishwashing detergent. White vinegar has also been suggested by many online as a home remedy, and there is also nature's cleaner: baking soda.